BW vs. Color Comparison

Let's interactively compare two images visually.

Example 1

BW vs. stylized color processing
What one is better? What do you think? Ilford Delta 100 (BW) vs. Old Photo with Faded Greens (*).

«The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie»

Example 2

BW Kodak T-Max 100 vs. Sepia
Now let's compare BW Kodak T-Max 100 preset with it's Sepia variation
Which one seems better this time?

«Portrait - the Communist Party Demonstration. 04th October 2005»

Example 3

2 BW presets
Illford Delta 400 vs. Old Photo Faded Black and White

«A Portrait with the Emperor»

* All examples were made with the Realgrain Imagenomic photoshop plugin.